Everglass Mono Coat — 50ml

Everglass Mono Coat — 50ml

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Производство Великобритания.
Оригинальный Everglass никогда не производился и не производится на территории РФ.
На территории РФ может производиться контрафакт бывшим представителем тм Everglass в РФ.
Остерегайтесь подделок. Оригинальная продукция с классическими этикетками и голограммами!

Made in Great Britain.
The original Everglass has never been produced and is not produced in the Russian Federation.
Counterfeit goods may be produced on the territory of the Russian Federation by a former representative of the Everglass brand in the Russian Federation.
Beware of fakes. Original products with classic labels and holograms!

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Everglass MonoCoat

Everglass Mono coat may not be a liquid glass, but it offers comparable pricing to other liquid glass coatings. Despite this, it provides outstanding protection for your car’s exterior, surpassing alternatives in the same price range. By blending two products and introducing a “secret” component, we swiftly gained significant market share within a few months. The introduction of Everglass Monocoat led to a more than 30% increase in profits for our partners, propelling us to the forefront of the budget protective coatings market. Everglass Mono is a nanoceramic solution with remarkable properties, all at the cost of traditional liquid glass.



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