Everglass Carbon Nanotube

Everglass Carbon


The initial response to our technologist’s proposal to incorporate revolutionary technology in coatings was one of surprise—especially when the term “Nanotube” was introduced. However, upon thorough examination of Carbone Nanotube properties and testing the provided samples, any trace of skepticism vanished.

Everglass Carbon Nanotube became a necessity!

The production of carbon nanotubes involves intricate, ultra-modern methods at a temperature range of 1600-3000 degrees Celsius, but the outcome justifies the process. This cutting-edge coating, boasting the highest degree of graphite crystallization, captivates with its smoothness and remarkable superhydrophobicity.

Experience Everglass Carbon Nanotube and join the growing community of enthusiasts for this exceptional coating!

While we don’t claim complete protection against the emergence of micro-risks and scratches, we confidently assert a heightened level of car defense against organic matter, calcium stains, road markings, and soiled washcloths at the sink. In comparison to other topcoats in the Everglass lineup, Carbon reduces the occurrence of fine scratches by over 80%, all while remaining remarkably easy to apply.

Everglass Carbon stands as the premier hydrophobic protective layer for Everglass’s Tantal and Premium coatings.

For optimal protective properties, it is advised to wait for a period of 5 days after applying the coating to the car. This timeframe is crucial for allowing the coating to establish maximum resistance to any negative environmental impact.