Everglass Graphene TopCoat – 50ml

Everglass Graphene TopCoat – 50ml

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Graphene oxide

based hydrophobic protective coating. A new era of superhydrophobic protective coatings for car body has already arrived. Everglass is one of the first nanoceramic manufacturers to introduce a unique graphene-based coating. Even more smoothness, better water release from the surface of the car, no problems with water spots and a longer life of the coating. You can appreciate all these advantages now!

Everglass Graphene

is not a ceramic coating, but a completely new generation of protective compounds for the paintwork of your car. Graphene is the most hydrophobic of the existing Everglass range of finishes, yet the best in resisting water stains. Due to its properties, Everglass Graphene has a longer service life, because cleaning the car will become even easier, therefore, it will not be necessary to use compounds during the washing process that shorten the “life” of the coating applied to the car body. Car detailing involves the maximum level of gloss after all the work performed, using Everglass Graphene as a finishing layer you get maximum gloss and darkening, both of these effects will remain on the car body for more than three years, even if the hydrophobic properties disappear for some reason. The level of active components that are responsible for protecting the car’s paintwork is several times higher than the content of solvents, in contrast to ceramic protective coatings.

We do not promise you full protection against the appearance of micro-risks and scratches, but we can confidently talk about a higher level of car protection from organic matter, calcium stains, road markings, dirty washcloths at the sink. Compared to existing topcoats in the Everglass line of formulations, Graphene slows down fine scratches by over 70% while still being very easy to apply. Everglass Graphene is the top hydrophobic protective layer for Everglass’s Diamant and Premium coatings.
The maximum protective properties after processing the car come after four days. During this time, any negative environmental impact on the coating is critical.
The polishing time of the coating after application to the car can vary from 30 to 120 seconds, depending on the temperature and humidity in the room of the detailing center.


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