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What is polishing?

Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface.

Why do you need to polish your car?

To give the car surface a beautiful shiny look, to make it glossy, perfect, magnificent.

How to distinguish high quality polishing from low quality?

Professional polishing can be made only by means of high-quality materials using several kinds of polishing machines. Low quality polishing leaves “holograms” and polish residue in clearances (near the headlamps, door frames, etc.)

Our goal is to show maximum shine and color of the auto, not just remove scratches!

After polishing, it is necessary to gradually cover the car body with several protective coatings by special technology. Nanoceramic composites applied to the car body do not only give a beautiful gloss to it, but due to the strong water repellent (hydrophobic) effect they remarkably protect the car from pollution (less dirt sticks to a perfectly smooth surface) and are guaranteed to prevent the appearance of small scratches.

Soft recovery polishing of the body allows for perfect purity and transparency of the lacquer coating. Shine and gloss are achieved thanks to an effective technology to eliminate micro cracks, webs, oxidation and other minor defects.

Restorative polishing can eliminate up to 95% of the coating defects. The procedure can be applied both locally and across a body surface. Before restorative polishing, a body coat of your car will be subjected to a thorough diagnosis. Professional polishing is safe and allows to achieve exceptional results, even with a long life and visible defects.

Examples of our works can be found in the section “Gallery of Works.”

Compare before and after polishing views:

полировка восстановительная полировка

Polishing outcomes

Полировка восстановительная полировка   Результат полировки IMG_0962

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