About us

Our competitive advantages:  
  • We do not provide a wide range of services, we specialize only in detailing of the exterior and as a result, we do high quality work!
  • Only our founder before offering a particular product to customers personally tested dozens of composites (see detailed information in the “Tests” section) and is a recognized guru at the international forum of professional detailers!
  • And finally, we are CEO and owners of  the innovative nano coating EverGlass, created on the basis of the latest Hi-Tech technologies and Japanese materials. EverGlass confidently declared itself among professional detailers and threatens to outs big-name competitors in the market!

The company «Royal Detail» is innovative technologies of protection and care, professionalism of execution and attention to detail which enable your car to delight you with its perfect look every day, year after year.
Your auto may look perfect, regardless of the mileage!
Professional Detailing Center «Royal Detail» united professionals who share a passion for automotive aesthetics. Thanks to innovative technologies and materials, we managed to bring cosmetic car service to a whole new level. A perfect look is only part of our care. We will make every effort to protect your auto from adverse environmental impacts, to prevent even the smallest risk of scratches and chips. Modern technology can not only effectively eliminate coating defects, but also prevent their appearance! One of the main challenges facing our center is the use of specialized means and technologies that are able to provide maximum protection for the auto on the Ukrainian roads and under unfavorable climatic conditions.
We know how to protect any surfaces!
Detailing Center «Royal Detail» is not magic; it is professionalism and years of experience!
Materials and tools which we use in the work are subject to strict quality control. We use only expensive, proven car-care products, best in the market, monitor and test novelties to be the first to offer them to you. Individual approach to every problem allows us to achieve the best possible result. We take into account all the features of your auto before we get started. As responsible specialist, we are guided by the principle “Do not harm!” in our work.  So our approach is highly valued by experts and, of course, by car owners.
Professional Detailing Center «Royal Detail» is the ability to always feel confident behind the wheel of a perfect car, which radiates novelty.
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